Bargin Hunting and Expanding Operations

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In a world caught up in ever-developing technologies, the way we sell our used goods has evolved. Internet selling platforms like eBay, Craigslist and Kijiji have encroached on garage sales, consignment stores and swap meets. However, there is an alternative that offers much more than five speckled smartphone photos. Farm auctions provide the opportunity to ask the owner questions face-to-face, see equipment operate in person, and potentially find a great deal. Everyone I’ve spoken with agrees that Kramer Auctions Sales Ltd. is the best in the business and their secret to success isn’t exactly a secret. It may sound like a line from a cheesy car commercial, but it’s true - they’re real people who treat their clients and customers like people and not just a number. While talking with many members of the Kramer family and crew it was refreshing to hear them talk about past and future auctions while referencing the names of people. At the auction in Biggar, I learned that a farm auction is much more than an equipment sale, it’s a social gathering. People travel great distances to attend auctions and the majority of people I spoke with emphasized how much they enjoy the community aspect of farm auctions. It’s an opportunity to meet with friends, family and neighbors - and maybe grab an auction burger too. Farm auctions also provide the opportunity for young farmers to expand their operations - helping them meet the demand for healthy sustainably-produced foods. After speaking with Bruce it’s clear to me that the Houdek farm will continue to evolve with modern agriculture, while holding a wholesome respect for its history.