Eat, sleep, fish

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I have this real great t-shirt that says, “Born to fish, forced to work.” I wear it around as a joke because most of my pals know I’m not a fisherman. Before last weekend, I had caught three fish in my life—including a time I reeled one in for my sleeping friend in his ice fishing shack.

Being the rookie that I am, I won’t lie; touching a fish grosses me out the door. Slimy and wiggly are not a combo I am super keen to get involved with—not to mention sharp teeth and pokey fins—but last weekend I decided it was time to try it out.

Early Friday morning I got together with some old travel buddies and their family from Maidstone, Saskatchewan—all of whom fish on a regular basis—and we hit the road for Besnard Lake.

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With over 250 islands, Besnard is known as the "Lake of Many Islands.” Here the Great Canadian Shield cuts through the lake and the waters flow to the North and East to form part of the Churchill River System.

For three days, we floated amongst Besnard’s beauty, only getting off the boat for two reasons: sleep or shore lunch.
Speaking with the owner of Collins Camp and Outfitters (where we stayed and rented our boats), he told me about visitors that have been returning to the lake for over 50 years. It took one weekend trolling the waters of that “pretty little pond” for me to understand why.

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