Bushwakker Brewpub

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Known around the Saskatchewan beer industry as “the Grandfather of Craft Beer,” Bev Robertson of Bushwakker Brewing Company has been paving the way for Saskatchewan brewers for over 30 years.
Not only did Bev help start one of the most successful amateur brewing clubs in North America: the Ale and Lager Enthusiasts of Saskatchewan (ALES), he spearheaded a movement to help pass legislation enabling Saskatchewan to be one of the earliest Canadian provinces to allow brewpubs. 

Head Brewer, Michael Gaetz & Founder, Bev Robertson

The Bushwakker opened its doors in January of 1991, being one of the first brewpubs in the province, and has been rated one of the top five brewpubs in Canada by the Globe and Mail. With several award winning beers on tap, the family owned and operated brewpub has hundreds of die-hard regulars and continues to draw in customers from all over the world. 
Along with a little bit of history on the pub, I stopped in at the Bushwakker to talk with Bev and his grandson (head brewer), Michael Gaetz, about the role Saskatchewan barley plays in the production of beer and how brewers like Michael take grain from our fields and turn it into that tasty treat that so many of us can’t resist on a Friday night.

Please drink responsibly ;)