Last Mountain Distillery

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Before becoming the Saskatchewanderer I experienced a lot of random jobs. I worked at a hockey rink, golf course, grain elevator, power station, and in a few different restaurants/pubs. I loved different things about each position but, without question, my favourite job before saskatchewandering was bartending. Not only did I get to meet incredible people from all over the world, I was able to learn a tremendous amount about food and drink—two things that have always piqued my interest.
During my time as a bartender, I was introduced to craft distilling, which is how spirits such as vodka, whiskey and gin are created.  This was something I knew nothing about and it fascinated me immediately.
For Saskatchewan, distilling is not a new concept. Illegal moonshiners have been hiding out in the hills making hooch in homemade stills for as long as the province has been around. But for Saskatchewan entrepreneurs, the idea of a legal operation, a micro distillery business, is less than a decade old.
Back in 2010, two people recognized an opportunity within the province. After searching for a unique Saskatchewan spirit and finding nothing, Colin and Meredith Schmidt began their journey starting Saskatchewan’s first micro distillery. 
Last Mountain Distillery opened its doors in 2011 and after a year and a half of business out of their garage, Colin and Meredith expanded and opened their current location on Highway 20 in Lumsden. 
The tight knit team at Last Mountain Distillery creates products ranging from whiskey, gin, vodka and rum to flavoured liqueurs. They source ALL of their wheat from a farmer up the road in Earl Grey who literally unloads his grain into an auger that feeds into the distillery. Their flavoured products are naturally infused with local ingredients such as honey, cherries, jalapeños and dill. The bottling, labeling and packaging is all done on site. By the time a bottle hits the shelves, it has been handled 13 times! 
The crew at Last Mountain Distillery creates products that speak for themselves. One sip of a dill pickle caesar, granny’s gin, or their single cask 100% wheat whiskey will show you how easy they’ve made it for you to support local.
Drink up my friends, but please, do it responsibly. 
Thanks for reading.