Mine Rescue Skills Competition

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“Training for a mission, they hope will never come.” - Joel Tankersley


They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. Whether it’s juggling, painting or golfing, that’s a lot of time. Now imagine practicing and training on a daily basis to perfect a skill that you hoped you’d never use. Seems crazy right? Not when it comes to safety.
Each year the Saskatchewan Mining Association (SMA) hosts a competition to showcase the commitment, training, and talent that rescue personnel in the mining industry have to help ensure the safety of men and women working on Saskatchewan mine sites.

The SMA’s 49th annual Emergency Response/Mine Rescue Skills Competition brings together teams from all over the province, representing potash, coal, uranium and gold mines. 

This year 15 teams were in attendance—nine underground mines and six surface mines. The challenges varied from practical skills and first aid, to problem solving and firefighting. I was able to check out most of the events and couldn’t believe the technical skills and know-how these workers were expected to have in such tense situations.

SMA Chair, Jessica Theriault wrote, “The Emergency Response/Mine Rescue Skills Competition is a great opportunity to showcase our pride for the strong safety culture of our Saskatchewan mining industry.”