Ness Creek Music Festival

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My cousin and I had no idea what to expect as we pulled into our campsite at the Ness Creek Music Festival. We parked our vehicle and before both feet were out the door we were greeted by our neighbours. They introduced themselves—Sherri and Kurtis—and welcomed us to Ness Creek. They said if at any point during the weekend we needed a nap we could use their hammock if we needed a fire we could use their fire pit and once we set up camp, we were to come on over and meet the rest of their crew.

Our entire area of neighbours was as welcoming and friendly as Sherri and Kurtis and it didn’t take long to realize this was a common theme throughout the festival.

After exploring the Ness Creek site for a few hours we noticed something else -- no one was carrying around a cell phone. It seemed odd that no one was texting or calling and no one was taking SELFIES! In 2017 the thought of leaving your phone behind seems outrageous, but the Ness Creek festival organizers encourage it. They want you to unplug from distractions and focus on your surroundings.
When’s the last time you shut your phone off for two days straight? Before last weekend, I couldn't have told you, but I must admitt that my two phone-less days at Ness Creek were actually quite nice.

Along with an impressive list of musicians from around the world, Ness Creek offers pow wow and worldwide dance performances, walking tours, various workshops, yoga and meditation classes, cooking competitions, a children’s play area, an artisan market, food trucks, beer gardens and so much more.

I actually think they should stop calling it a music festival and start calling it the “Ness Creek CULTURAL EXTRAVAGANZA!”
For 27 years the Ness Creek Cultural Extravaganza, I mean, the Ness Creek Music Festival has been bringing people together to celebrate in nature. The organizers have built a community of supporters that range from die hard fans to die hard fans. Ask any one of Ness Creek’s return visitors what they think of the festival and they will tell you that there is no place they’d rather be.
Happy Ness.