Nokomis Craft Ales

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My brother has a job that allows him to travel to small communities around the province. One evening, nearly two years ago, he called me with some great news; during his travels, he had found a new brewery in Saskatchewan and wanted me to check it out! Being from Coronach, it was located in some town I had never heard of, just a few kilometres up the road from another town I had never heard of. On the evening that my brother visited the brewery, it was closed, but the brewer was still inside and in true Saskatchewan form, invited him in for a tour. As my brother was on his way out the door, the brewer handed him a glass and thanked him for stopping in. The glass read, “Nokomis Craft Ales.”

Jeff Allport, owner of Nokomis Brewery is a carpenter, town councillor, curler, winner of the 2015 Nokomis parade Best Float Contest, and a brewer (along with many other things). He may have grown up in British Colombia, but he and his partner have immersed themselves into the small town Saskatchewan life. It’s been five years since they moved to Nokomis, Saskatchewan and from day one the community has welcomed them with open arms. 

Jeff’s unique business, not only utilizes local ingredients, but it drives people off the beaten path to visit the town of Nokomis and experience something different. If you are new to craft beer, Jeff’s creations might not be what you are used to, but I promise, if you give it a chance it will grow on you… Like a sprig of barley… or a vine of hops… for the community of Nokomis, this beer is becoming the norm, the town’s hotel carries Jeff’s beer on tap, farmers get growlers filled, and the rec hockey team grabs a mini keg to celebrate each win… or mourn each loss. 

Next time you see it on tap at your favourite pub in Regina, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw or Estevan, order yourself a pint of Nokomis beer, then pat yourself on the back because not only are you supporting a Saskatchewan business, you’re supporting Saskatchewan agriculture, and encouraging the growth of unique business within the province. Great job beer drinker. Keep up the good work!  

Please drink responsibly ;)