Nosh Eatery & Tap

Posted Agriculture • Food • Andrew's 2017 Adventure
Come to my house on the weekend and there is a good chance a cooking show will be playing on the TV. If you find your way through the cloud of smoke to the kitchen, you’ll find me, burning something, spilling vegetables out of the pan in an attempt to do that cool thing Chefs do when they fling the food up in the air instead of stirring it with a spoon like us normal folk. 
Food fascinates me. Not just the taste, but where it comes from, who grew it, how its prepared, and what it does for my body. Food brings us together, triggers childhood memories, and takes us back to that special time with those special people. If you can’t already tell, I love food. So the opportunity to jump into a kitchen and cook with one of Saskatoon’s best chefs was as exciting as it gets. 
Justin O’Reilly, Chef and Co-owner of Nosh Eatery and Tap, grew up in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. He always loved spending time in the kitchen but unlike me, he had a natural ability to cook. He never planned on attending culinary school but as he spent more time in professional kitchens he decided a bit of formal training couldn't hurt. He’s worked in various kitchens around the province but in 2014, he and his business partner Tania Friesen, decided to take a shot and open their own restaurant. 
Nosh Eatery and Tap is located on the vibrant and cultured Broadway Avenue in Saskatoon. They focus on creative, nourishing food that leaves you feeling satisfied, energized and renewed. Everything on their menu is made with real ingredients, sourced locally, with a focus on nutritional value. Their vegetarian-focused menu is friendly to a range of preferences including vegan and celiac diets. Whether you’re looking for lunch, supper, or weekend brunch, Nosh has something for everyone.
“Eat quality, eat healthy and be happy. It’s Simple.” - Justin O’Reilly