Prairie Storm Paintball

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There are few things in life more satisfying than shooting your friend with a paintball gun. I don’t know what it is, but popping out from behind a fence and painting the enemy green feels like Christmas morning. 
Before visiting Levi Dombowsky and his crew at Prairie Storm Paintball (, I had never experienced this glorious feeling. Although I had driven past Levi’s field hundreds of times on my commute between Moose Jaw and Regina, last week was the first time I actually stopped in. 
Along with myself, a group of pals from Coronach made the trip and the battle began. One shot elimination, capture the flag, and a few “free for alls” -- we shot off enough balls to repaint your living room. 

As a first time paintballer, I was surprised at how much better I was than all of my experienced friends. They talked a big game, but after our afternoon of fun you couldn’t find a paint spec on my coveralls. Prairie Storm Paintball Founder Levi Dombowski—who started the company when he was in grade 9—said I was the greatest paintballer that he has ever laid eyes on…
JK lol.
I was BRUTAL! But I tried my best and that’s what matters right? 

Covered in dirt, sweat and paint I had never been happier, and after chatting with my pals over a hard earned pint, they all felt the same.
If you’re looking for a legendary afternoon, check out the Mysask411 app ( and locate Prairie Storm Paintball for contact and booking information.
Good luck out there and thanks for reading.