Ranchin': Meet the Beierbachs

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Canadian beef, either you love it, or you don’t eat it…because you're a vegetarian. I would never judge someone for being a vegetarian, but personally I cannot image life without beef. Pan fried, baked, or BBQ’d, steak has always been one of my favorite treats.
Growing up, my family’s beef came from my Grandpa’s backyard. I was lucky enough to see first-hand the hard work that goes into raising a healthy herd of cattle. My Grandpa loved his cows, and cared for them deeply, just like ranchers today. It was never a surprise to walk into Grandma and Grandpa’s house during calving season to find a newborn calf fast asleep under a blanket, next to some cowboy boots.
For a lot of people reading this, the thought of having a newborn calf in your porch might seem a little outrageous, but for ranchers across the province, this story is just another day on the job.
Over the course of the next year, I plan on giving you a behind the scenes look at what life is really like on a Saskatchewan ranch. We’ll have front row seats during calving season (maybe we won’t want front row), but we’ll be there, we’ll throw on a cowboy hat for a round-up in July, and come fall, we’ll see what it takes to prep the cattle for Agribition.
An amazing family from Whitewood has agreed to let us join them on their ranch a few times this year, so last week I dusted off my Carharts and hit the highway to go introduce myself to our new friends.
Allow me to introduce you to Ryan and Tania Beierbach.