Sundogs Excursion

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Another dog sledding story you say…
Yep, it sure is. But I’ve decided to approach this one from a different angle… directly behind the dogs. 
Last month I had a wonderful time at the Mushers Rendezvous in Preeceville watching racers from across the country compete. As a bystander, it left me curious: what’s it like standing behind those dogs?
I had to find out and experience it myself. 

But where?
Lucky for me it didn’t take much searching to find Sundogs Excursions. Located in Great Blue Heron Provincial Park (just east of Prince Albert National Park), Sundogs provides anything from a one-hour dog sled ride to an overnight trip. 
The experience was something that I will never forget. The dogs are like kids on Christmas morning, so wound up and excited before takeoff that you almost need a loud speaker to communicate over their barks. But then you take off and it’s complete silence. The kind of silence you can only experience in the middle of the boreal forest - it’s amazing.
“With dog sledding, when you escape, you’re escaping TO something. You’re not escaping from something.” Sundogs Excursions owner and operator Brad Muir said when I asked him what his favourite part about dog sledding was. Smiling ear to ear, we thanked him for the incredible experience and, as we walked away, he bid us farewell with his company’s famous slogan:

“Long may you run…”