WCC Premier Dairy Show

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The Western Canadian Classic (WCC) Junior Dairy Show was started in 1985 by a group of volunteers from Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba and British Columbia. The committee designed a concept of hosting a competitive youth dairy show with the addition of social functions.

A set of objectives for the dairy show were established in the beginning and they have continued to be met year after year.

  • To provide a learning experience for our dairy youth;
  • To promote and showcase Canada’s dairy genetics;
  • To stimulate friendships and teamwork amongst Western Canadian dairy enthusiasts; and
  • To help maintain and stimulate an interest in the dairy industry and agriculture in general.

This year’s WCC was held in Weyburn, where more than 100 western Canadian youth between the ages of 12 and 21 gathered to compete.

Competitors participate individually in both showmanship and confirmation competitions. It’s also an opportunity for youth to improve their skills in leadership and teamwork. Other activities include clipping, a dairy science quiz, judging and stall maintenance.

It takes months of hard work, dedication and commitment to put on a show like the WCC. It's an event where future dairy leaders are connected with their passion for the Canadian dairy industry.


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