Yvette Moore Gallery

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About a year ago my friend told me I had to check out the Yvette Moore Gallery in Moose Jaw.  This seemed odd to me because he wasn’t the kind of guy who would spend the afternoon admiring local art. When I questioned what he was doing at an art gallery, I was surprised by his answer; he was eating.

Until that moment I had no idea there was a café in the back of Yvette’s Gallery and, until last week, I had no idea that the food was so amazing. Slow roasted turkey, brie cheese, fresh sliced pear with Gravelbourg mustard on ciabatta bread… I was drooling reading the menu.

My salad/sandwich combo was everything I dreamed of and more, and the server even twisted my rubber arm and talked me into dessert. Cue “Decadent Chocolate Cake” photo.

But it wasn’t just the food that took me by surprise, it was the entire gallery full of Yvette’s award winning art, as well as several other western Canadian artisans’ work—even the bathrooms took me by surprise (serious contender for nicest bathrooms in the province)!

Alongside her son Tyler and her youngest daughter Sarah, Yvette has brought history to life, creating an award winning art gallery and sought after destination for locals and tourists alike.

Yvette Moore’s work tells stories of the prairies through her portrayals of the life, the people and the surroundings that make Saskatchewan such a rich and fulfilling place to live and grow.

As spoken by one of the many satisfied visitors to the gallery, “Her paintings will make you homesick for the prairies, even if you have never been there.”