YXE Instameet

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Last weekend, I attended my first Instameet. I’ve heard of these gatherings before but, pre-Saskatchewanderer, I would hardly consider myself an “Instagrammer,” so such an event was never on my radar.

What exactly is an Instameet?  
In a nutshell, it’s a gathering in a pre-determined place, at a set time, to take photos and meet some new people - simple as that. A lot of times on social media you follow, like, share and interact with people you’ve never met in person, so Instameets were created to bring these people together to shoot photos, share ideas, and make connections that wouldn’t otherwise happen.

Organized by former Saskatchewanderer Ashlyn George (http://www.thelostgirlsguide.com/) and her friend Shreya Pahwa (the mind behind successful Instagram account, LivingYXE https://www.instagram.com/livingyxe/?hl=en), the two brought together over 30 photographers for an afternoon in Saskatoon. 

Cameras in hand, we did a loop riverside—doing more talking than photographing—ending downtown for some much needed refreshments. The afternoon quickly turned into an evening and it didn’t take long to realize I had a lot more in common with these people than photography.  

Whether you’re a professional, a rookie, or strictly curious about photography, an Instameet is a great way to learn more about the craft and make a few new friends along the way.