2020 Recap



It's been the pleasure of a lifetime to have this position, and I'm forever grateful for the time I had. To be completely honest though, finding any sort of balance and groove this year has felt impossible and left me all over the place emotionally and mentally… sound familiar?

I’m sure most have felt like this in one way or another. As exciting as this job was, it was hard to hear from those I met along the way how this year has taken a toll. And I've felt the same way. I think it's been tough for everyone no matter who you are.

But there were many good times too and I was lucky to connect with some amazing people and places. I wanted to share them in this video, because when I look back on 2020, I want to remember them most : )

To end, I’ve never appreciated where I live so much in my entire life. Saskatchewan is an incredible place and I truly wish the next Saskatchewanderer and all of you nothing but the best! - Leah Mertz

*** Filmed at the Cochin Lighthouse on Jackfish Lake in Saskatchewan. Songs are Bring on the Rain - JoDee Messina & Tim McGraw, I Hope You Dance - Lee Ann Womack, and Fix You - Coldplay. Some clips shown took place earlier this year before the pandemic.