A Classic Time at Tobin Lake

Posted Jeff's 2012 Adventure
Driving to Tobin Lake, one of the top walleye fishing destinations in Saskatchewan, I passed by such a beautiful stretch of land that I found myself stopping many times just to take pictures.  Large stretches of canola fields turned the countryside yellow and created a perfect Saskatchewan scene that I wasn't very familiar with, coming from the Southwest! I was headed to the Tobin Lake Walleye Classic.  Competitors in the tournament try to catch five of the best-sized walleye that they can in 8 hours time. The annual event and others, like the Premiere's Walleye Cup, draw anglers from all over for the chance to win huge cash prizes. Walleye in Tobin Lake are known to be big, like the world record walleye caught ice fishing by Father Mariuz Zajac, which was a monstrous 18.3 pounds!! I didn't see any fish quite that big caught that day, but it was awesome to see the fierce competition. The fish were brought in, weighed, and promptly released again. After about 8 hours on the water they weighed in to see the final results and who won the tournament. With forty or so boats coming in at once, it was quite a spectacle! That evening I had the chance to visit Pasquia Regional Park, which offers golf, camping, swimming, beautiful hiking along the Carrot River, and an interpretive centre. The interpretive centre is home to Big Bert, a skeleton of a Terminonaris, which is essentially a giant 25 ft. crocodile from the dinosaur age! I really couldn't believe seeing it there that at one time this thing would have been living and walking (or swimming) here in Saskatchewan. Glad I wasn't around back then!

A deer in the field, on the way back from visiting the park.
Back on the road to spend a few days off in Saskatoon, I had some time to think of my time being the Saskatchewanderer so far. It has been an incredibly eye-opening experience and has given me an entirely new respect for Saskatchewan. I can't believe it has already been over two and a half months in, and that I only have one more left to explore and make the most of it... I'm super excited for what's still in-store, because I know it's going to keep getting better and better!  Seriously, the adrenaline that I experienced white water canoeing and kiteboarding was nothing compared to what's coming up!  Let's just say that bear spray and parachutes are part of my near future… ;)