A Day in a Geologist's Shoes

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Did you know, Saskatchewan has a team of hard working geologists that are busy mapping and surveying the geology of our province? There is about 651,000 square kilometres of land to survey, some of which is taking place in Northern Saskatchewan. 

I joined the Saskatchewan geological Survey (SGS) staff in the field, where we explored the waters and the Precambrian rock of Northern Saskatchewan and I experienced a day in a geologist's shoes. 

Every summer, the SGS employs 20 summer students majoring in geology to work alongside qualified staff geologists. This provides them with hands-on experience to apply what they've learned in their classes and to kick start their careers as future geologists. 

I was shown around by a few of the Precambrian Research Geologists and students at the camp, and experienced what it was like to traverse through the heavy bush and fallen trees, mapping the geology and collecting rock samples. I also learned a thing or two about surveying such a remote and rugged landscape. 

Established in 1948, the Saskatchewan Geological Survey is celebrating its 70 years of researching and mapping the geology of Saskatchewan. The information collected through mapping is compiled into reports and maps that are published for public and industry use to help guide the exploration for, and development of, our provinces mineral and energy resources. 

I had an incredible time tagging along with the SGS, seeing what it was like to be in their shoes for a day, and surveying the Precambrian rock in Northern Saskatchewan!

To learn more about the Saskatchewan Geological Survey visist https://www.saskatchewan.ca/business/agriculture-natural-resources-and-industry/mineral-exploration-and-mining/saskatchewan-geological-survey