A live performance at Keyhole Castle


Well, like the rest of the world, my week is shaping up to be a bit different. I was originally supposed to be at the Juno’s this weekend. I know its cancellation is being felt by more than just the artists involved; my thoughts are with the local hospitality industry that had prepared for a busy and festive week.

But we will press on—speaking of hospitality, a couple days ago I drove up to Prince Albert and stopped by Keyhole Castle Bed & Breakfast. Its a beautiful, historic house built in 1913 with a breathtaking upper ballroom (the flowered roof is stunning!). I saw they had a piano and asked if I could film in it. The owners were gracious and let me up there even though it was late at night. 
The song Im singing, ‘Breakaway, was actually written by a Canadian—a young Avril Lavigne in 2001. It never made it onto her debut album and ended up with Kelly Clarkson three years later. I recorded the live piano track at Keyhole Castle, and then added some additional instrumentation with my music partner Namoo Nara. I hope you enjoy it :)
As for any future travels, safety comes first, so I will be mindful of the developing COVID-19 situation in the coming days. Stay tuned.

One additional note I wanted to share. This video was somewhat bittersweet to make. After I was done filming, the owner Denise shared with me that her husband, Jonathan "Jon" Smith had passed away from cancer only a few months ago. He was a celebrated musician in Prince Albert, owned a music store, and taught many students over the years. Denise told me that he frequently played the piano you see in the video and filled that room with his music. So, this one’s for you Jon. Rest in Peace.