All good things come to an end.

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Today is my final "official" day of being the Saskatchewanderer, although I plan do do much more wandering around this place! I've grown to love it.  I'm absolutely thrilled to have had the chance to have been your Saskatchewanderer in 2012, and I hope that you've had fun following me, too.  Whether I've been jumping out of a plane or just taking part in a small town celebration, every moment this summer has been one to remember.  Looking back, the summer has seemed to fly by, but every little detail makes it special. Meeting people along the way who are willing to go out of their way to show kindess, generousity, and friendship has been incredible.  I remember hiking along the path to Grey Owl's cabin, and 26km down the road (and hot and sweaty) I met some people who were not only ready to give me a cold drink that evening, but a hearty breakfast the next morning.  People have taken me in from the rain, given me what I need to go on, and I'm so thankful!! Please enjoy this last video that sums up my summer in a nutshell.  The music is by Daydream Johnny, who are friends of mine with deep Saskatchewan roots!  Thank you to the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport, Bennett Dunlop Ford, CAA Saskatchewan, and Brown Communications for all being a part of this.  And thanks to you, the kind people who take some time out of their day to read a blog and watch some videos. I'm truly grateful! -Jeff