All you need is love

Posted Felipe's 2021 Adventure

Join the red dog and me on Valentine's Day road trip to Love, Saskatchewan.

The platypus used to be my favourite animal. Yet after moving to this province and seeing a red fox playing in the snow, the platypus was soon replaced by the red fox as my new favourite creature.

Entering Foxy's Eats and Treats in Nipawin, I first noticed the cutest fox ornaments all around the store. Then my eyes and belly got intrigued by their specialty cakes, cupcakes, cheescakes and of course delicious coffee.

Next on my list was a visit to Art On Main, a unique shop selling handcrafted work by local artisans and artists. I got a beautiful map of Nipawin tht now hangs on my wall. Art On Main will be closing its doors February 28, relocating to Maple Creek for a new opportunity and to be closer to family.

Fozzy let me know mother nature was calling, it was time for a run! We set off for a ski at Nipawin and District Regional Park. Located in the northwest corner of the community, the 300 acre park is one of the main tourist attractions here and is open to year-round offerings - both summer and winter activities.

At the park I met with Wes Pidhaychuk from Parks on the Air. They are an international portable amateur radio operations who promote emergency awareness and communications from national/federal and provinical/state parks.

Wes was the first person in this radio enthusiast group to call from Nipawin and Distrct Regional Park. He told me these radio aficionados travel all over North America visiting parks, collecting experiences like keen stamp collectors scouring for rare stamps.

After such an exciting visit with Wes, we headed to White Fox. Word on the streets is that their store-made beef jerky is the perfect snack for those adventuring the area. I got a few bags of jerky and now they live in the Wanderer-mobile as emergency rations; you never know when you need to tast a salty piece of heaven.

Next on my list was Choiceland, where I met the creative force behind Trish's Signs and Designs, Patricia Kowtek. Here you can find mugs, glassware, clothing, woodwork, frame home decor and even customized signs. I got myself a Roughrider mug.

Just a few kilometers down the road is our ultimate destination, the town of Love. The village was named after the conductor of the first train to through - Tom Love. Over the years, it became the most popular place in Saskatchewan to send love letters from, because sending love from Love is a thing!

With the help of Connie Black-Sturby, we sent 200 Saskatchewanderer postcards all over the world.

To finish my day, I had to check out the mysterious weather rock at Smeaton; legend says that it can predict the weather.

I admire the creativity alive in small communities, people in these areas create beauty and exciting projects with the resources at hand.