"Big Bert" Saskatchewan's 92 million-year-old Crocodile!

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After enjoying the "Saskatcehwan Outback" near Carrrot River, I traded in my quad and helmet for a relaxing museum experience and checked out "Big Bert". The prehistoric crocodile "Big Bert" was discovered 27 years ago between the town of Arborfield and Carrot River and is the world's most complete Terminonaris Robusta Crocodile Skeleton! 

This 92 million-year-old crocodile was discovered in 1991 by a local named Dickson Hardy while out for a walk along the Carrot River and after teaming up with the Royal Saskatchewan Museum https://royalsaskmuseum.ca/rsm/visit/exhibits/travelling-exhibits/big-bert the excavation process began and now Big Bert lives on display in the Dickson Hardie Interpretive Centre located in Pasquia Regional Park, just outside of Carrot River on Highway 23. 

I discovered that this area of our province is rich with fossils, they are so numerous that you literally are walking on them. Finding fossilized snail shells are most common, but some have found ancient bones and even shark teeth!

In our province, there are two Big Bert displays, the replica being a travelling exibit run by the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. You can search "Royal Saskatchewan Museum Big Bert" to find out more about where he is travelling to next in Saskatchewan!