Black Lake Saskatchewan

Posted Felipe's 2021 Adventure

The heartbeat of the north is strong in Black Lake Saskatchewan!

This busy little town is a treat for those seeking to explore the spectacular vistas along Highway 905 in northern Saskatchewan. Black lake is a northern town full of the hustle and bustle.

When I visit, the first thing I noticed was lots of waving hands, smiling faces, snowmobiles going up and down the roads, and a level of energy that I haven't yet seen in such a small town.


My local guide for this adventure was the amazing Tania Alphonse. Exploring the town with Tania was such a treat because I got to hear people of all ages speaking Dene, and she helped me learn a few words, too! This is an experence that I will treasure forever.

Tania knows I love to meet local adventurers, so she took me to meet the trapper who travels deep into the surrounding territory, trapping furs and making a living off this land-based tradition. I had so many questions from him. When we met up with Disain, he was getting his snowmobiles ready for the legendary snowmobile races that Black Lake will be hosting soon. After getting a tune-up on snowmobile maintenance, Tania and I checked out the next town called Stony Rapids, where we picked up food from the restaurant at the White Water Inn. The day was so lovely that we decided to eat our delicious BLT by the lake!

Next, we visited Scott's General Store. You can find anything from gas and groceries to wolf hides and beautifully beaded gloves at Scott's. Scott is also a raw fur buyer, and my favourite piece in his collection is a suit that was once worn by the brave trappers who would go trapping past the tree line, quite a daring feat!

My visit to Black Lake filled me with warmth and I felt so welcomed. I was deeply moved by the strong cultural traditions that are so central to life in northern Saskatchewan, and I can't wait to start practicing my ski doo moves so I might one day come back and enter the Black Lake snowmobile race.

Thank you to the beautiful people of Black Lake for a wonderful visit to your community.