Botté Chai Bar


Tucked away in a corner just outside of downtown Saskatoon, you'll find Botté Chai Bar—an authentic spot that brings the tastes and feels of Persian culture to life. ✨

The word ‘Botté’ refers to an ancient Persian symbol; a teardrop shape representing a cypress tree, tall and strong, with its head bowed in humility. Bent in tumultuous winds but never broken, is how Iranian people historically identify with it. This meaning definitely rings true in these times.

It was very ‘sweet’, pun intended, to sit and enjoy a restaurant again. This was my first time at Botté, and I think it’s more than a hidden gem—definitely a hidden treasure!

I opted for desserts and tea, but they have a full Persian menu for eats too. My favourite was the Tehran Fog Latte. It had nice warm spices and was sweetened with rose water syrup. So good. Have a fantastic weekend, and I hope you find somewhere in your neighbourhood to enjoy our restaurants once again.