Camp Easy at Cypress Hills

Posted Felipe's 2021 Adventure

Picture this . . .

You're reading a book while sipping a freshly made cup of coffee. The fireplace is warming your legs, and your favourite music is playing in the background.

You're excited to hit the trails. There's fresh snow out there, and you know it! When you strap on your snowshoes and head out, you will be walking on frosty clouds. An adventure awaits just as soon as you open that canvas door!

Camp-Easy tents, or "the fanciest base camp ever", as I like to call them, are offered in some of our provincial parks - all season long!

While at Cypress Hills Interprovinical Park, I was invited by Christine Broderick from Cypress Hills Grasslands Destination Area to come and see the tents in winter and of course enjoy a warm cup of coffee.

It was minus 20 out and plus 25 inside; Christine and her friend, Laura, sure know how to keep the fireplace going.

The tents come equipped with a few canvas cots inside, and the part I enjoyed the most - a big box filled with all you need for the perfect night beside the fire. Inside are a couple of lamps, kindling, matches and a propone stove. How is that for winter camping made easy?!

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