Camp Easy at Echo Valley Provincial Park

Posted Felipe's 2021 Adventure

Are you one of those people who relish the chance to get outside and hike, view stunning landscapes, observe wildlife and enjoy the smell of a crackling campfire?

But, and maybe this is a big but, you are not a fan of camping?

A solution for you outdoorsy, but not-so-happy campers may be just Camp-Easy, available at several provincial parks all over Saskatchewan.

I had an opportunity to enjoy the canvas yurts at Echo Valley Provinical Park with minimal effort and preparation on my part. These round, tent-like shelters give you the experience of camping with advantage of bringing you up off the ground, resulting in a warmer and drier night.

My effort was so minimal that I forgot my sleeping bag! Good thing I had a few blankets in the Wanderer-mobile that I normally carry for the inevitable riverbank picnic.

The tents come equipped with a few canvas cots inside. Outside you have a firepit, picnic area with a mosquito net and - the part that I enjoyed the most - a big box filled with all you need for a perfect night beside the fire. Inside are a couple of lamps, kindling, matches and a propane stove. How is that for camping made easy?!

As setting up camp was so quick, I had a lot of time to explore the visitor centre and learn about the area. To my delight, they have some mega discoveries on display. These now-extinct mammals roamed the Earth during my favourite era, the Pleistocene Epoch. The short-faced bear is an Ice Age animal I'd love to learn more about. 

Next Fozzy and I enjoyed a stunning hike along the hills of the Qu'Appelle Valley. Just a few steps into the hike and you come across a great view of the valley, its lakes and of course the beautliful fall colours. 

Thanks for reading friends.