Camping in Emma Lake and Waskesiu

Posted Caitlin's 2013 Adventure
How do you define camping? I think everyone has their own definition. The truth is, camping can take many forms and Saskatchewan is fully equipped to provide for every type of outdoor experience. I recently had the opportunity to test out two different styles of camping—the first type is now commonly referred to as “Glamping.” When asked to guess what “Glamping” was, a friend of mine replied “Camping with lipstick?” Although lipstick isn’t required, she had the right idea. “Glamping” is a combination of “glamour” and “camping.” To fully embrace the “glamp” I stayed in the elegant Shasta provided by Retro RVs out of Christopher Lake. Retro RVs provide their customers with a hassle-free camping experience. They have six fully-equipped RVs, available in different sizes, for rent. Retro RVs even offers the “We Tow” feature, meaning they will deliver the RV to your camp site within the Waskesiu Wilderness Region. I chose this feature, which proved to be totally convenient. My aunt, Barbara Taylor, editor of Entertainment, Life, and Travel for the London Free Press and Sun Media Newspapers took a special trip from Ontario to experience a week of Saskatchewan summer with me! It was great to have a Glamping partner in the Shasta, which was the perfect size for two people. Retro RVs provided us with all of the essentials. There was a hot plate, microwave, shower, air-conditioning (woo!), kitchen utensils and even a sun roof! To top off our glamour camping experience, Barbara and I enjoyed a truly delicious meal prepared by Executive Chef, Kevin Tetz.  Based in Christopher Lake, Kevin enters household kitchens across Saskatchewan catering to all types of events.  From dinners for two, anniversary dinners, dinner parties or simply a good home-cooked meal, Kevin has it covered. Seriously, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. The five-course dinner Barbara and I enjoyed was to die for! My favourite dish was the bacon-wrapped pineapple with maple glaze. Absolutely delicious. For more photos, check out my Facebook album here. Unfortunately, glamping and gourmet food came to an end. The adventures didn’t stop there, however. Barbara and I spent the following day exploring antiques and art in Northside, visting the Diefenbaker House in Prince Albert, and hiking to The Saskatchewan Forks with Power 99FM’s Trevor Gowen. By the time she and I rolled into Beaver Glen Campsite in Waskesiu, it was nearly midnight. This is where the second style of camping comes in. Picture this: a cloud of mosquitoes crowding the light beams cast by my Ford Edge! From the trunk, I grabbed my two-man tent and pitched it in record time. The best part was, I swallowed only one mosquito! After tossing in our sleeping bags, we dove in and settled down for what may have been my best sleep of the week-long trip. Tucked safely in my sleeping bag, there was nothing but the subtle sounds of the wind against the trees to lull me to sleep. That’s the thing about tenting. You are so close to nature. There is nothing but a thin layer of nylon between you and the great outdoors.  Barbara and I were doing what is called “front-country camping” or “car camping.” It’s fun, relatively easy and probably the most economical accommodation that can be found in Waskesiu. If you want to vacation on a budget (and let’s face it, we students are on a budget,) then this is the way to go! Camping can take many forms—to each his own. For more information on camping in Waskesiu, or Prince Albert National Park, please click here.