Canadian Challenge Sled Dog Race

Posted Felipe's 2021 Adventure

Canadian Challenge Sled Dog Race is a dog, continuous mid-distance race in the stunning scenery of northern Saskatchewan. The race follows a 600 km route, similar to that of the old sled dog trail used since time immemorial from Elk Ridge to La Ronge and Missinipe.

Teams from all over Canada and even some international teams come to be part of this epic competition. Mushers, drivers, volunteers and a group of veterinarians work together on-site to check the health of each dog and competitor through the whole race.

I joined up with Kandis Riese, a lifelong northerner who has a special appreciation for photography. Six generations of her family have called La Ronge home, so I knew that she would show my a unique insider perspective through her camera lens with a strong connection to a place like that! I was inspired to see how she works with the landscape to achieve such a level of visual storytelling.

To find out more about nothern photography by Kandis Riese, you can find her on Facebook or send her an email at