#CanadianInnovationWeek - Putting an Idea in Motion


Every spring, innovators across Canada celebrate Canadian Innovation Week, taking time to connect, cultivate and celebrate Canada’s innovation ecosystem. Last year, more than 10,000 participants took part using the hashtag #CanadianInnovationWeek to showcase the strides they have made within our country. This year, Innovation Week takes place May 21-31, and Saskatchewan is joining in the celebration by recognizing our researchers, entrepreneurs, organizations, and companies.

In Saskatoon, we are celebrating the innovative tech companies that are creating breakthrough technologies, and bringing investment and jobs into the province. Our tech sector is gaining recognition for the development and advancement of tech start-ups and applications – much more than most of us realize.


From the perspective of someone who ranks himself as intermediate in terms of tech savviness, I wouldn’t know how to begin to put a business plan in action to develop an app. What if you have an innovative mind without the complete business and technical skillset to put your ideas in motion?


That’s where Co.Labs comes in. Appropriately located in Saskatoon’s Innovation Place, Co.Labs is a tech incubator that supports validated tech start-ups to grow their revenues and raise capital. They do so through providing a profound sense of community that can offer you tools that you wouldn’t have on your own.


This was the case for Alicia Soulier, a business-savvy hair salon owner who saw a consistent issue in the waste of hair colour at her salon. As an innovative entrepreneur, Alicia found a solution to not only lower her business's spending, but also capitalize on a universal market. She had the ingenious idea to create an application that weighs, charges and tracks the exact amount of colour used within an establishment. Although Alicia doesn’t have a tech background, she had the support of Co.Labs who helped get this app off the ground. Together, they created the SalonScale app, which in the past 10 months has garnered international recognition and acclaim.


To hear Alicia’s story watch the following video:



To Learn more about Salon Scale go to:



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To Learn more about Canadian Innovation Week go to https://canadianinnovationspace.ca/innovation-week-2/

And to participate use the hashtag #CanadianInnovationWeek