Catfish Friday: Louisiana Night at Elk Ridge Resort

Posted Uncategorized • Andrew's 2011 Adventure
If there was ever a myth about Saskatchewan worth busting, it’s that it’s flat and boring here. And if there has ever been a place that could bust that myth, it’s Elk Ridge Resort by Waskesiu Lake - go and golf nine holes there, and you’ll see what “elevation” means. You’ll be changing clubs according to inclines, checking to see if there’s a slow group hidden over the next hill or around the next corner, and cursing gravity when your ball decides to go running back down the golf cart path. It was a special weekend at Elk Ridge, and not just because of the weddings they would be hosting. They ran the first annual Louisiana Night - after a quick 9-hole tournament, the cajun spice would be sizzling along a remarkable buffet by chef Michael Card, and then the dance floor would get going with some southern blues, jazz, and reggae sounds. Personally, I was a little too stuffed to dance - that’s the story I’m sticking to, anyway - but I was happy to shoot some video of the atmosphere. The tournament goers did get rained on, so I opted to golf the next day instead, and that got me the full tour from Elk Ridge’s real estate guru, Brandon Moore. It had been about five years since I picked up the clubs, and my performance in the first few holes sure showed it. But! I prevailed. Despite using up most of Brandon’s golf balls on errant shots, I made par a couple times, hit in excess of two hundred yards every so often, and had several encounters with wildlife. That last encounter left me kind of sappy - and I’m being literal. My pants are now covered in tree sap, but sometimes, that’s what it takes to make the shot. My adventures didn’t end at the clubhouse. I went into the townsite of Waskesiu to get lunch. I nearly forgot that the Riders were playing today (shame on me!), but there was a tasty reminder at Angry Taco, where I snagged a “Green” burrito for just $6. I washed that down with a latte from the talented folks at Evergreen Coffee - they free-pour the milk, and the result is pure art. It was delicious, and they’ve got lunch on offer too. Really, though, you don’t even need to leave Elk Ridge to do everything that you could want. Before heading in for the night, I finished watching the Rider game at Walleye’s Pub at Elk Ridge, and then had some of Chef Michael’s modern Saskatchewan cuisine at the Lodge’s dining room. They really have it all here! The fun keeps going in the winter, too, where you can icefish, dogsled, skate, cross-country ski, curl, snowmobile and more - all at Elk Ridge. It’s a shame that the Saskatchewandering ends before then; either way, I have got to get back here.