The Clarence Campeau Development Fund and Saskatoon Salsa

Posted Zane's 2019 Adventure

The title “Clarence Campeau Development Fund” has always held significance in my household. Since I was a teenager, I’ve revered them as the group that helped get my parents’ business off the ground during its developmental stage. Although they did have a hand in the overall achievement of my family's entrepreneurial goals, I never fully understood CCDF’s mandate or the motive behind their generosity. I felt BDC Small Business Week™ (Oct. 20th - 26th) provided the perfect opportunity to take a closer look. 


CCDF meets the evolving needs of Saskatchewan’s Métis entrepreneurs by leveraging relationships with funding partners, industries and communities. Qualifying candidates have access to a vast array of non-interest and/or interest-bearing repayable loans and/or non-repayable grants. Established by the Métis Society of Saskatchewan Inc., CCDF’s end goal is to improve the economic circumstances of Saskatchewan’s Métis citizens. They put this mission statement into motion by providing funding for up-and-coming businesses and offering economic development to viable Métis ventures.


And the resulting data speaks for itself: Over the past half-decade, CCDF has invested $25 million which has generated an increase in output of $144.8 million and an increase in $79.1 million in GDP.


Watch the below video where I speak with Monica Brunet, CCDF’s Director of Economic Development & Community Relations. Monica tells me about some of the great programs that they offer and even took me on a field trip to Saskatoon Salsa where my rhythm and coordination were put to the test!:





2019 marks the 40th anniversary of BDC Small Business Week™. Be sure to show your favourite privately-owned enterprises a bit of love!