Chief Whitecap Waterway ADVENTURE AWAITS!

Posted Play • Kevin's 2018 Adventure

If you are looking for the ultimate adventure, I would highly recommend travelling along the Chief Whitecap Waterway on the South Saskatchewan River, exploring the scenic river valley between Gardiner Dam and the City of Saskatoon. 

Before heading out on the water, my friends and I did a little research about the waterway itself. Searching the Chief Whitecap Waterway website, we were able to find more information on where and how we could find rest sites for overnighting. With an interactive map and excellent tips to follow for our journey, the site was incredibly helpful in planning this three-day trip. 

On a bright, sunny afternoon, we began our paddling adventure in Outlook. With the sound of the canoe cutting through the water and birds chirping along the shore, we traversed around hundreds of shallow water sandbars, all of which made this canoe trip an unbelievable adventure! 

If you don't have paddling equipment, you're in luck as rentals are easily accessible. You can get gear including kayaks, canoes and stand-up paddlesboards at the Danielson Provincial Park Visitor Centre. Rentals are available daily, weekly or for weekend use. For more information, visit

It may have been my first canoe trip, but it certainly won't be my last! Experiencing the pull of the current, weaving around shallow waters and setting up camp with friends makes me yearn for another incredible trip on the wateray!