"Crokicurl"- Making Winter Fun!


If you happen to be passing through the Broadway district in Saskatoon, Elgin Park in Moose Jaw or Victoria Park in Regina, you may have come across a rather unusual sight in the park. 

No, it is not an oddly placed helicopter pad - It is actually the newest winter ice game taking Saskatchewan by storm this season. 

"Crokicurl" is the name, and it combines the winter sport of curling with the board game crokinole. Played on a rather large octagonal-shaped ice surface, it has painted rings resembling those on a curling sheet, posts are planted in the ice to mimic the crokinole pegs, and 'real' curling rocks are used for scoring points.

Note: The rules of the game are in favour of crokinole over curling. 

I couldnt wait to try it myself, so I took the ol' crokinole game out from under the couch to brush up on the rules before making my way to the Crokicurl rink in Saskatoon. 

"Crokicurl" is the coolest new winter outdoor activity to play with the whole family... I had a blast trying it out and recommend that you HURRRY hard to the rink nearest you to get on the action. 

Thanks for reading.

Kevin Dunn