Curling in Coronach

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Since becoming the Saskatchewanderer, a lot of people have asked me where my favourite place in Saskatchewan is. For those who have asked, I have a very simple answer… home. For me, home is Coronach, Saskatchewan. It’s where I learned to walk, talk, skate, golf, drive, and work. Although the community is small (just shy of 1000 people), my entire life in Coronach has been surrounded by family, friends and fun. Growing up in a small town, you know everyone… you know everyone’s Grandma, everyone’s kids and everyone’s pet. You wave at every car you pass, you shovel your neighbours driveway, and it takes you an hour to grab milk at the grocery store because you spend more time visiting than shopping.
For a good chunk of us small town Saskatchewan folk, winter means a LOT of time at the rink, be it hockey, or curling. Growing up, I lived at the hockey rink. I was so busy with skates and a stick to even consider a slider and a broom, so curling was a game I never made time to play. This past weekend my friend Dallas invited me to join his team for a curling bonspiel in our hometown. Being the Saskatchewanderer, I thought it would be a prime opportunity to showcase Saskatchewan’s official sport… Look out curling, I’m coming for you.
We played one game Friday and three games Saturday, and I must admit, once I got the hang of things I was having a blast! Battling teams of young, old, experienced, and rookie players, we managed to slide our way to the B side final where we squeaked in our last victory of the tournament. With a prize in hand and a plate of supper, we shared laughs in the curling lounge until they dropped the puck next door where the Coronach Merchants (the Senior Hockey team) was squaring off with the Mossbank Blades in a playoff match. I would rather not discuss who won the game, but it was great to watch my old teammates play for a big crowd.
Whether you grew up in a small town, big city, in Saskatchewan or elsewhere, to truly experience the culture of this province, you have to spend at least one day in the rink. On the ice or in the stands, I guarantee you a good time will be had. 
Keep your sticks… and brooms, on the ice.
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