Douglas Provincial Park Sand Dunes!

Posted Play • Kevin's 2018 Adventure

I have wandered all kinds of terrain and landscapes this year. Areas that are as flat as the eye can see, valleys that stretch across the plains, hundreds of freshwater lakes, and deep forests with all kinds of vegetation. But I have to say, there is one form of scenery in Saskatchewan that doesn't get the attention it deserves!

Most of us have heard of the Great Sand Hills near Leader or the largest area of sand mass in Canada at the Athabasca Sand Dunes. However, we must also recognize the sand dunes of Douglas Provincial Park. These sand dunes are not only unique, but can easily be found by anyone curious for a little adventure on the road less travelled. On the east side of the highway entering the park you'll find the Dunes Nature Centre, where you can begin your scenic, moderate hike to the dunes. 


There are a couple trails to choose from. If you're looking for something a bit easier, take the 2.85 km "Dunes Trail" or, for a bit more of a challenge, hike the 4 km "Cacti Trail". The trails are extremely well-maintained with signs that tell you how far you are from reaching the dunes. The hikes are picturesque from start to finish, perfect for a day out with your family or friends. 

Once you reach the dunes, the vast landscape covered by sand is incredible to see! The area is the remnant of a massive lake and was completely covered by ice during the last ice age. Thinking about the geologic history of this amazing place and being immersed in the fine sand that time has left behind, was an absolutely breathtaking reward after my hike. 

Douglas Provincial Park offers so much — from water activities, camping and numerous hiking trails. For me, the journey to the Douglas Dunes was a perfect day trip. Bring your blanket and snacks, and enjoy a picnic on the finest sand right in the middle of SK!