Wapiti Ski Hill

Posted Kevin's 2018 Adventure

Located near Nipawin facing the North Saskatchewan River, Wapiti Valley Ski Resort will knock your goggles off! 

On route, I thought about the last visit I made to Wapiti over fifteen years ago. I was just a kid learning how to ski and vividly remember the log style chalet, the mile long run and having some interesting trips up on the hill on the t-bar. These were memories from my early trips that I couldn't wait to re-visit. 

Finally reaching Wapiti, I could tell things had changed since I was 10. The chalet had been renovated with the new 'Pro Shop' addition, the t-bar had been replaced with a modernized quad chair lift and a magic carpet ride had been laid down at the bunny hill with easy access from the chalet. Wapiti looked amazing! 

Before hitting the slopes I was fitted for gear - the staff were five-star supreme! They made my experience excellent by not only gearing me up, but also making me feel welcome and a part of the ski hill 'family'.

I was often in and out of the chalet trying to warm up my frozen toes throughout the day, but that didn't stop me from having fun!

The runs were freshly groomed and it felt like you had the whole hill to yourself. A skiers paradise in Saskatchewan. 

At the top, the view was astonishing. Landscape surrounding Wapiti is diverse with aspen, birch, and poplar trees covering the rolling valley slopes along the North Saskatchewan River. 

Uniquely located in the Wapiti Valley, it's a perfect hill to learn how to ski or board. Not to mention, the chalet has fantastic burgurs and fries that you can smell from a mile away.

Downhill skiing in Saskatchewan? You better believe it. There are five ski hill destinations in the province that offer a fun-filled day of boarding and skiing! 

Thanks for reading!