Whether it's this summer, next summer, or 5 years from now, this week I wanted to share three places that I hope to visit someday. The first is Loon Lake. This charming village is on the shores of a 5-lake system in Makwa Lake Provincial Park. They apparently have some of the most scenic canoeing in the province and I would love to go check it out. 
Second, I am determined to find some purple sand! Over billions of years, purple-hued garnet particles from rock deposits in the Canadian Shield eventually made their way south due to glacial activity. These garnet particles now line the shores of some very lucky lakes, and you're lucky if you've been able to see them! Apparently they are visible on the eastern shores of Candle Lake Provincial Park, and a few other places in the province.
Third, I would love to check out Paperclip Cottage. This place rose to fame because of a few smart trades done by Kyle MacDonald. Check out his Ted Talk here to learn more. Since then, it has become a delicious hub for coffee, food, and treats, and they've still been open for takeout during the pandemic.
Oh, and I was so excited when Flat Clothing reached out to me. I'm a huge fan of their bunny hugs so I ordered one and it was on my doorstep the next day! They are an awesome company and very active in giving back to their community. They even have a special t-shirt that directly supports UnderstandUs—a wonderful initiative that educates schools about mental health. And with the current pandemic, they've started making and selling masks with proceeds going to various local charities. Very cool.
And finally, bone broth was made with bison bones from Original Family Farm. Hopefully you learned a new way to do bone broth—I promise it's delicious!
See you next week.