Farm to Fork!

Posted Live • Kevin's 2018 Adventure

Have you ever thought about where your food comes from? Who Produced it? What's the story behiind it? Often, we don't the answers to those types of questions but they're questions many of us want to and should know. 

This summer, I had the opportunity to get answers to these questions. I was invited to join a tour called "Farm to Fork" put on by Farm & Food Care Saskatchewan, a non-profit coalition of farm families, agribusinesses, food processors, restaurants, retailers, food companies and individuals, helping build confidence in Saskatchewan food production. 

This 3-day tour began in Saskatoon with a bus of 16 out-of-province visitors eager to indulge in an incredible food journey. 

With agriculture being an important piece of our provincial identity, it is important for us to see and hear the stories from our farmers and ranchers who take pride in their contributions to food production. During the tour we experienced how farmers, food processors and the agriculture industry produce some of Canada's most wholesome foods. 

We stopped at Egg Star in Saskatoon, where eggs come into the facility from oultry farms for sorting and shipment. We visited Colborn Farms, a century-old farm near Delisle, where we had a tour of their large pultry, beef and grain operation. We also popped into the Saskatchewan Food Centre, where they innovate, extrude and process food products. At the end of our journey, we made our way to Elkrest Farms, a dairy farm near Osler, where we had a first-hand look at the production of nutritious Saskatchewan produced milk. 

Along with the visits to farms and food facilities, we also stopped at number of local restaurants that served a menu of dishes developed with Saskatchewan produced foods and ingredients. Picaro Restaurant, Odd Couple, LB Distillers and Baba's Perogies all served up a wide arrange of delicious plates and drinks for the group to taste-test while we listened to their Saskatchewan connection!

After finishing the Farm to Fork tour, I left with a better understanding and appreciation of where our food comes from, recognizing the hard work that is put into producing our food. This was a delight to be a part of — enjoying awesome company prairie landscapes and savouring the sights and experiences along with the flavours that are Saskatchewan.