FireSong Resort

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A couple weekends ago (before winter decided to snow its way into the province), I went on a road trip with local celebrity, Ricky Forbes. Ricky, one of the stars of the tv show Tornado Hunters, is known for his adrenaline filled adventures, so I knew that if I teamed up with him for a story, I was bound to have some fun. 

For our adventure, we decided to check out FireSong Resort Village, Saskatchewan’s newest luxury resort, located on Fowler Lake, about 40 minutes west of Meadow Lake. 

Over the weekend we gathered so much footage that I was able to create three separate videos from the trip.

Video #1: The Action

Video #2: The Interviews

And Video #3: The Bloopers



For more information on FireSong Resort Village, check out their website:

Special thanks to Brandon Schreiber of Cree Lake Lodge and Buck Country Outfitters for taking us for a cruise in his float plane. And to Wayne Jezowski for his amazing patients while we stopped every 10 minutes to film during our side-by-side tour!!

Fowler Lake
Dean & Lori Runzer,
Owners of FireSong Resort Village

Beaver River
Brandon Schreiber & Dean Kuypers,
Owners of Buck Country Outfitters

Thanks for following along!