Thank A Farmer Harvest 2018

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Each and every year, when the days begin to get shorter and the leaves begin to change, the topic of conversation in Saskatchewan turns to harvest. 

Throughout my travels leading to the end of the summer, it was hard not to notice the constant activity occuring in most country fields this time of year. Often, the first thing I see is the hald-ton farm truck parked near the entrance of a field or gate, then a grain-hauling truck, and lastly of course the combine, the most familair piece of farm equipment. But as you drive by, you don't often see all that goes on. The hours that are put into running equipment, the dedication that each and every farmer has to finish the job, and the family that counts on each and every member to work together in order to have a successful harvest. It's all those things that a lot of us don't see. So it is important to thank those who sacrifice their time away from loved ones who continuously work endless hours and sleepless nights to make sure the crops are complete and the food is brought to our tables. 

On a sunny afternoon, I stopped off at the Denis Farm near St. Denis, Saskatchewan. On this day, Lawrence Denis, who runs the operations, was out working in one combine, with his son Cedric Denis in the other. From my viewpoint, I could see the dust and the wheat shreds being tosses from the back end of the machines. But once I saw what it looked like from the air, it was truely beautiful and eye-opening to watch — seeing the work they have done and how much is left. A perspective you don't see from the road very often. 

Later that day, I was inivted to join for supper out in the field, where the whole family was taking part. It was the perfect evening for supper in the field. We sat on the tailgates and chatted while looking out towards the open field in one direction, and the slough in the other. For me, this was one of those experiences that I wanted to really take in. Seeing and being there with the whole family, knowing well the hard work they all do to finish off another day and end it with a gathering and supper in the field, was something special to be a part of. 

So this being Ag Month, today's blog is about thanking the farm families. Thanking those who deliver and prep the meals. Thanking those who go for parts when a machine breaks down. Thanking those who are hired to help work the endless hours on sleepless nights to ensure the crops are off. Thanking the children who step in to help with harvest or spending the hours riding along and spending the brief moments while the meals are had in the field. Farming is a family business and it often takes sacrifice from all to finish the job. So next time you cross paths with a farm family, say thanks. Thank you for your hard work and dedication for helping bring food to our table.