Historic Town of Battleford

Posted Felipe's 2021 Adventure

Growing up in Chile, I remember the Sundays when my family would go on road trips to nearby small towns to see them. This was before the internet, so there wasn't a guide of things to do or explore, we just had our curiosity and sense of adventure.

I immersed myself in the same Sunday spirit and headed over to the historic town of Battleford. As many attractions were closed that day, the red dog and I went for a self-guided landmark building tour!

For historic buildings to survive, it is important for them to change. These historic places tell stories of the past, but they are also living places constantly evolving not only in their use but in the new stories they tell. With that in mind, here are some historic places you can visit for their unique architecture, history and entertainment.

The first stop was the Fred Light Museum - this local museum is in the old St. Vital Public Catholic School, a designated Municiple Heritage Property.

Walking to the patio, Fozzy discovered a heart sculpture full of locks; if you know the meaning of this place, please let me know!

Next was the North West Mounted Police Memorial, just a few meters from the Fred Light Museum. This area was heavily involved in the North-West Resistance of 1885. Inscribed on the memorial are names of residents and members of the North West Mounted Police.

Next, we stopped by Canada's biggest baseball bat at the Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

Even though things were closed that Sunday afternoon, we decided to keep exploring and discovering Saskatchewan's beautiful and historic areas. 

I will be back to Battleford for more learning and experiences!