Humboldt Vintage Days

Posted Live • Kevin's 2018 Adventure

Each August, the Vintage Club in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, celebrates our pioneers and agricultural heritage, and what better way of showcasing our province's past and rich agricultural history than by showing it in October, which is Ag Month. 

For the last 23 years, Vintage Days has been a part of celebrating our rich agricultural history, as well as being the biggest fundraiser event of the year for the club. The Humboldt Vintage Club is an Agricultural Museum located just a short drive south of town, where on the day of this video, hundreds of people came out to see what the pioneer days were like for our earliest agricultural producers and to take part in the interactive displays that included horse pulls, wagon rides, rope weaving, carpentry work, blacksmithing, tractor rides, and lastly, the threshing of wheat in one of the earliest combines that revolutionary changed the industry back in the early 1900's. 

"We are thrilled that people want to come and see how things were done way back in the day. You know, without our pioneers of our province, we wouldn't be where we are at today. They are the ones who brought the food to our tables, and we are lucky to be here, and we want to keep what they started alive." — Susan Dunne (Vintage Club Member)

With live music and an indoor market, along with a pancake breakfast and the ever-so-yummy elephant ears, Vintage Days weekend in Humboldt is a fun, family-friendly event to spend a day or two out enjoying our province's rich pioneer and agricultural history!