If you're reading this, I love you.

Posted Andrew's 2017 Adventure

It was 4:47pm December 15th, 2016. I had been staring at my phone since noon. It rang. The call display read Tourism Saskatchewan. This would either be heartbreak or one of the best phone calls I'd ever receive. Following the phone call, some dance moves came out of my body that I did not know were physically possible. I had been selected as the 2017 Saskatchewanderer.

A career traveling, meeting incredible people, and taking photos and videos, was a dream I never thought I would be able to fulfill. That dream was now a reality.

For the next year, my goal is to showcase this province through the eyes of it's people. Seek stories that entertain, educate and inspire you to get out and explore Saskatchewan.

Your support means the world to me and I can't wait to spend the next year with you!

This is my first "official" video. Enjoy.


If you haven't seen it yet, here's is my application video: