Jet Boating up Otter Lake Rapids!

Posted Kevin's 2018 Adventure

While on my trip north, I had quite a few people suggest I should experience a jet boat ride in Missinipe. After returning from my northern fly-in-fish camp, I did just that! The Otter Rapids on the Churchill River are frequently used for whitewater canoeing and kayaking. You can often spot adventure seekers battling the rapids, under the Otter Lake Bridge. 

But today was different. 

Thrill Seekers looking to jet boat the rapids hopped onto a boat that packs two Corvette engines, and off we went, up the Otter Lake Shore! Reaching Otter Lake Bridge, I right away understood why I was told to wear my bathing suit and be sure to seal up my camera equipment. We got soaked as soon as we hit the rapids. 

My adredline was pumping after the first wave! It was a hot day, so the water was refreshing. Being at water level was a totally different perspective than watching from up on the bridge. The rapids were raging, reaching a metre high in some places, but we pushed through and experienced an incredible ride. 

If you have the chance to make it up to Missinipe this summer, I highly recommend checking out the jet boat tours based out of Thompsons camp and also at Osprey Wings water port. What an Experience!