Kambeitz Farms and Purely Canada Foods

Posted Zane's 2019 Adventure


In early blogs, I addressed my lack of knowledge about the agriculture industry. I’ve always understood the value of this community, particularly in Saskatchewan. However, living in urban city centres for the past decade has resulted in an apparent disconnect between me and my rural roots. It’s interesting to reflect on this mentality now as the sun is slowly setting on my term as the 'Wanderer. The walls I unknowingly built between myself and agriculture came down quickly after immersing myself in this welcoming community.


As an admitted layman, layman’s terms are all I can speak in. Although important, what I learned is that agriculture is incredibly uncomplicated. First and foremost, I learned that agriculture truly is a science. The modern innovation and technology found on Saskatchewan farms could probably rival that found in Silicon Valley. Regardless of whether you identify as a consumer or a farmer, the efficiency and overall mass production that goes on behind the scenes is objectively applaudable. Farm Food Care Saskatchewan focuses on helping producers connect with consumers using “our food has a story” – and it’s easy to see why! This year has reminded me to take stock in these stories before taking the first bite. 


This year, I also noticed a beautiful juxtaposition on which modern farms are built. In my experience, it seems that this technological innovation goes hand in hand with steadfast values as old as agriculture itself. The communal mission statement has been unwavering for centuries. Only now we simply have access to tools capable of carrying it out on a larger scale. I came to this understanding while visiting Kambeitz Farms: a 5th generation farm outside of Lajord Saskatchewan. This farm uses the most innovative agri-technology available all while staying true to the values instilled by the Kambeitz family in 1899. 


A key term frequently used by the Kambeitz team and, as I reflect, most of the agricultural professionals I have spoken with is “sustainability.” At Kambeitz, the term is obviously used in an agricultural context - referencing food production as it pertains to the human population. They’re focused on taking care of the environment, while building their capacity to grow food. They also, however, use it in a more granular sense - referencing the quality and longevity of the farm's work ethic.


The below video features Jordan Kambeitz and Jason Maher, the president and Vice president of Kambeitz Farms, respectively. It also features Tyler West, the CEO of Purely Canadian Foods - a vertically integrated export business located directly within Kambeitz Farms. Together this team showcases the admirable efforts required for the “farm gate to dinner plate" process. Shoutout to NuStimulus who provided all of the aerial footage!


To learn more about Kambeitz Farms go to https://kambeitzfarms.com/

To learn more about Purely Canada Foods go to https://purelycanada.ca/