Knights of Valour: Full Contact Jousting

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They're crazy, insane, or simply adrenaline junkies. Whatever you might call them, you can't deny the Knights of Valour are passionate. For the past two years at Agribition, the Knights of Valour have performed a jousting tournament to the delight of the crowd. This isn't just a show, however, this is real jousting. The 6 knight tournament involves 2 men and 2 horses charging at each other on either side of an 180' fence, holding 11 foot long lances, and colliding at 50 miles an hour. (And I got excited when they let me try the armor on.) The goal is to strike the opponent with the lance to score points and if possible, to unhorse the opponent. After 5 passes, the knight with the most points will move on to the next round until there is one Full Contact Jousting Champion. It really is as crazy as it sounds. Check out my latest video for some great visuals and more information about the Knights of Valour.