Labour Day Show N' Shine

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I’m going to shoot straight with you guys: I don't know anything about cars. Don't get me wrong -- I'll throw on some coveralls and change my oil but apart from that, talking to someone about an engine is as foreign to me as speaking German. 
But yesterday I pretended to be an expert as I chatted about intake valves, pistons, turbochargers and horsepower at the 11th Annual Access Communications Show N' Shine, sponsored by CAA Saskatchewan. 
Without question, every single person I spoke with knew that I was clueless, but the friendly people showing off their beautiful cars were kind enough not to make fun of my lack of automobile knowledge–with the exception of one 10 year old boy!
More than 550 antique, classic and vintage vehicles and motorcycles were on display and over 5,000 people showed up to check them out—setting an attendance record for the yearly event.
Bringing together car and bike enthusiasts and local community businesses, the Access Communications Show N’ Shine raised over $30,000 for the Regina Foodbank. 

Here's 21 of my favourite photos from the show.