Southeastern Road Trip

Posted Felipe's 2021 Adventure

Fasten your seatbelts, in this blog we'll be road tripping through the southeastern corner of Saskatchewan that started in search of some legendary cinnamon buns!

When I first asked for help to find the best cinnamon buns in the province, Carlyle came up over and over again. So, I had to check it out for myself.

Caryle's town sign says it's "the Cornerstone of Saskatchewan", but I think they should also add "the Cinnamon Bun Capital of Saskatchewan" to the sign too! I am glad there is no legal limit on the number of cinnamon buns on person can eat in a day because the cinnamon buns at Michael's Coffee Shop & Bakery were so good, I had to stuff my trunk with them before I left!

With the energy of a hummingbird, I made my way to Arcola, a vibrant, growing community of more than 650 people situated on the sunny side of the Moose Mountains. This charming town has a big passion for antiques and heritage.

For an eclectic antique experience, I popped into Kevin Paton Antiques. Van Halen played on the Wurlitzer and Saskatchewan's history filled the shelves. This is the type of shop you can spend hours exploring. It's a paradise for vintage John Deere collectors and loaded with all kinds of iconic Canadian memorabilia. Be sure to give yourself enough time to chat with the folks behind the counter because they are knowledgeable local historians and storytellers.

To be sure I got the full Arcola antique experience, I only had to cross the road to visit the next emporium. Owned by Jim Patton, is how you know antique collecting runs in the family around here. Jim is Kevin Paton's uncle and he has been passioniate about local history for his whole life.

After a few hours antiquing it was time to wet my whistle. Arcola is home to Buddy's Pub. Situated in one of the three opera houses left in Saskatchewan, it was built in 1906 and features one of the longest bars in western Canada! A designated provincial historical site, Buddy's is an itinerary must-do.

By the time I returned to Carlyle, I was finally out of cinnamon buns and ready for dinner. At The Office Bar and Grill, I enjoyed an awesome peppercorn New York steak, grilled to perfectin of course!

To cap off the night, I checked out my first drive-in movie at The Prairie Dog Drive-In Theatre. To keep my blood sugar at hummingbird levels, I tried my first ever root beer float! Wow, I need to tell my friends in Chile about these!!!

The loop between Carlyle and Arcola is 18 kilometres of amazing adventure waiting for you to discover.

Where are you road tripping in Saskatchewan this summer?