Maple Creek Part 2


Prairie sharks, beer and art!

I joined extraordinary artist and creative force Geoff Phillips for a Maple Creek tour. To kick things off, we met for coffee at The Daily Grind. Here they sell all kinds of handy crafts and art pieces, and I'm beginning to wonder if everyone in Maple Creek is an artist in some shape of form.

Next - I was attacked by a  . . .  prairie shark! This rare breed lives at Old Town Plush, the brand new stuff store in Maple Creek.

KIDS - if you are ready this, convince your parents to now only go to the famous Cowtown Toy and Candy Store, but also the brand new stuff animal store! (Apologizes in advance to parents/grandparents!)

Now as it is custom after living through an amazing tale, you go to the brewpub to recount your heroic journey to random strangers. I landed at Rafter R. Brewing Company Inc., and their tastly beer made we forget about those harrowing moments with the prairie shark. (Remember to drink responsbily.)

Rafter Brewing is owned by Ryan and Teresa Moncrieff, a couple with a passion for making beer who decided to make Maple Creek their new home.

This town is all that a tourist might want: fantastic art, exciting stores, great food and people . . . just watch your back for that mythical prairie shark!