My first trip to Maple Creek and hopefully not the last.

This week, I wanted to share some clips from my visit to Maple Creek in early March. Maple Creek is certainly a town transformed, and it was clear how local business owners are putting their best foot forward to become unmissable by travellers.
In the morning, Tina Cresswell gave me the lowdown on some of the town’s history. She’s a longtime business owner and voice dedicated to growing the Cypress Hills Destination Area. I was also delighted to try her famous fresh baking at The Daily Grind: I opted for a cinnamon-bun-biscuit-hybrid. So buttery, flakey, and delicious! 
Next, I went across the street to Cowtown Kids Toy & Candy. Owner Bob Siemens showed me some of their most popular offerings, and some less common ones too—did you know they have an entire ROOM full of stuffed animals? It’s floor to ceiling of dozens of furry friends: dolphins, rhinos, bunnies, bulls, penguins, bears, horses, unicorns, and more. Of all things, apparently the flying squirrels are a top seller. He says kids who come in claim that room is like 'going into heaven'. 
Oh, and of course the 6000+ puzzles that line the second floor. It feels like you’ve been transported into another dimension! Kids will love everything about this store, and adults are in for a special treat. There’s something for everyone.
I then had lunch at The Rockin’ Horse (a lovely lemon and garlic salmon) and then went next door to Howard’s Bakery for some more sweet treats. Oops. But they were fantastic! I also hear their fresh baked bread is to die for.
Next, I stopped by Northern Lights Vintage Spa. Unfortunately due to time, I probably only showed about 5% of this magical space. It’s a beautiful environment and you can tell the owners take pride in providing an atmosphere that is unique and endlessly relaxing.
And although it was off-season and they were closed, I just had to drop by Grotto Gardens Country Market. In only a few years, husband and wife team Dan Sellinger and Dana Hassett have created a one-of-a-kind Saskatchewan experience. From goat walks to fresh pie, check out their website here for more.
The thing I loved about Maple Creek, is that even though it was -15, windy, and unfortunately a gloomy day, it felt like a very walkable and cozy town. I parked near downtown, and aside from Grotto Gardens being just south of town, I visited all places on foot. I can only imagine the bliss of strolling those streets in warmer weather!
Since my visit happened before the pandemic, if you plan on stopping by these businesses in the future, be sure to stay updated on any of their new safety protocols. See you next week!