Massold Clay Canyons

The Massold Clay Canyons are within a 256 acre wildlife area that is perfect for a fun day of exploring. The canyons are located immediately beside the Claybank Brick Plant National Historic site which is conveniently one hour southwest of Regina and only forty minutes southeast of Moose Jaw - making it a perfect day trip destination.

From a distance the canyons remain somewhat hidden, only revealing their true appearance to those who venture closer. The layer of white mud which the area is renowned for is like a white racing stripe across the undulating terrain. The land here has never seen agricultural cultivation, which means there are many species of interesting indigenous plants, such as the prickly-pear cactus and prairie crocuses. The elevation and foliage provide great habitat for numerous animals, such as this mountain bluebird who easily stood out against the light colouration of the mud and clay. The area is also steeped in history related to the brick plant, but I’ll leave that for when I actually visit the National Historic Site.